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Week 8 - School Spirit

School Spirit

School Spirit is the sense of identity and community shared by members of an educational institution.  This can apply to any type of school or program.

As a program, board, committee and parents we LOVE being Provo Bulldogs.  We love this program and all it stands for.  We know we are not perfect and we strive to grow and improve each year.  Serving your families and children this season has been a blessing and a privilege. Thank you!

This week, we want to flood our social media pages with pictures and videos of you all!  Send us what you got and we will be sure to highlight each of you!


Week 7 - Gratitude




  1. the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.

    Similar Words: thanks, appreciation, recognition

This week we are focused on the theme Gratitude!  There is an excellent article that talks about how Gratitude can help you be a better athlete.  The link is below.  What does it mean to you to show gratitude to those around you?  Who are you thankful for and why?  We want to hear from you!  Tag us in your posts and videos!


Go Bulldogs!

Week 6 - Overcome




"to succeed in dealing with an obstacle, problem or difficulty."

Similar words: prevail, defeat, beat

This week we are focused on the theme Overcome!  In football or cheer, as in life, we face obstacles or difficulties that require us to dig deep, find solutions and push ourselves past our limits.  In what ways do you overcome obstacles?  We want to hear from you!  Tag us in your posts and videos!

Week 5 - Discipline



Activity or experience that provides mental or physical training.

Similar words: Training, Instruction, Drill

This week we are focused on the theme Discipline!  Discipline is a key aspect for success in almost all walks of life.  What goals do you have for yourself? What changes do you need to make to reach your goals? What can you add to your daily routine that will help you succeed?

We want to hear what discipline means to you!  

Go Bulldogs!

Week 4 - Loyal

This week's them is:


giving or showing firm and constant support or allegiance to a person or institution.
"he remained loyal to his friend"

Similar words: Faithful, Truehearted, Steadfast
Opposite words: Disloyal

We want to hear what loyalty means to you! Send us your videos, tag us in your posts and share what loyalty is!

Go Bulldogs!

Week 3 - Love



A great interest or pleasure in something.

Similar words: Friendship, Kindness, Caring

Opposite words: Hatred

This week we are focused on the theme Love!  What do you love about football or cheer?  What does it mean to love something?  How does loving something affect the way you treat it?

We want to hear what love means to you!  

Go Bulldogs!

Unity Week 2




1. the state of being united or joined as a whole.

2. Mathematics; the number one.

Similar words: Union, Unification, Integration

Opposite words: Division, Disunity

This week we are focused on the theme Unity!  What does unity mean to you?  What does it mean to your team to show unity?  What does it mean to show unity in practice, before a game, on the field, in school or even at home?

We want to hear what unity means to you!  Send us your videos, tag us in your posts and share what unity is!

Updated Refund Policy

Hello Bulldog Families! 

We are so excited for the season to start and I personally have loved seeing all of our teams hard at work on the practice fields! 

Before the season begins we wanted to update and clarify our refund policy. With all the uncertainty that we have been dealing with we have had unprecedented cooperation with our league and vendors. This has allowed us to incur very minimal costs to this point. That of course changes dramatically with uniform handout and game play. 

With that in mind the refund policy will be as follows. We will be able to offer full refunds up until the date we play our first games. After that point Provo Youth Football incurs hard costs that we cannot get back. Refunds at that point will be available but with those hard costs subtracted. 

We do not anticipate cancellations at this point and the League has released the full season schedule. Thank you for all your hard work, support, and understanding as we get through this Covid mess and play football at the same time. 

If you have concerns about this specific problem please feel free to contact me directly. 






  1. courageous behavior or character.

Similar words: Courage, Valor, Fearless, Fortitude

Opposite words: Coward, Fear

This week we are focused on the theme Bravery!  What does it mean to you to be brave?  What does it mean to your team to show bravery?  What does it mean to show bravery in practice, before a game, on the field, in school or even at home?

We want to hear what bravery means to you!  Send us your videos, tag us in your posts and share what bravery is!

Yard Sign Fundraiser

Fundraiser began on Monday, July 27th

It’s fundraising time again Bulldog families! We will be selling 18in x 24in yard signs for $20.00 each, with a green background and Provo black lettering. Signs can go in your yard or in a window, at home or at a business. 

Pre-sales will start Monday, July 27th and go until Thursday, August 6th. Each player will receive an envelope to record sales and keep payments.


Players can return envelopes to the practice field on August 6th following practice, where they can also pick up the signs sold.  We are asking each player to sell a minimum of 5 signs. However, there is no limit on how many signs can be sold!!

  • Players who sell 10 signs will get a Bulldog T-Shirt.
  • Players who sell 20 signs will get a Special Bulldog Sweatshirt.

The winning team will be announced on Friday, August 7th.  As well as players who sold 10 to 20 yard signs!

Payment Methods

  • Cash
  • Check - Provo Youth Football
  • Venmo-@ProvoYouth-Football (make sure player’s name and grade are in the comments)

*Players will be responsible for delivering signs sold.

If you have any questions call Lisa Tuha (702)-557-2840

COVID Waiver and Practice Information

  • Each player and parent will be expected to review a COVID waiver that will be handed out at the first practice.  These waivers need to be returned no later than July 31st.  Please note that you can find the waiver on our website, if you would like to print it out yourself and bring it with you.
  • Parents and families will not be allowed to stay on the field during practice as has been allowed in past years.  We ask that you drop your child off and then return to pick them up.  The only ones allowed on the field are players, coaches and Provo Youth Football volunteers.
  • Players temperatures will be checked at the start of practice.  So please arrive early enough for that check.
  • Players are expected to bring their own water to practice.
  • If you or someone in your family is sick or experiencing symptoms of COVID, waiting results from a COVID test or have been in close contact with someone that has recently tested positive please notify your coach and stay home.  Your player will not be penalized for missing practice due to the above.

As always, if there are any questions, please reach out to us at

Registration is Closed

As of 8 pm on 7/21 registration for Provo Youth Football was closed.  If you still need to register your child for the 2020 Season, please reach out to Ryan Haslem at (801) 787-4601.  Thank you!

Register Today for the 2020 Fall Season

Provo Youth Football Registration

  • Is open for grades 3rd to 8th.  
  • Registration is $250
  • If you are interested in paying with Check, Cash or Venmo, please use code 2020CCV on the payment page.  Our Venmo account is under @ProvoYouth-Football.  In the notes, please add your players name and grade.
  • If you have registration questions, please reach out to us via email at

Bulldog Youth Cheer Registration

  • Is open to 1st through 8th graders.
  • Registration is $165 for new and returning cheerleaders.  For new cheerleaders, please plan on an additional $150 for the uniform.
  • If you are interested in paying with Check, Cash or Venmo, please use code 2020CheerCCV on the payment page.  Our Venmo account is under @ProvoYouth-Football.  In the notes, please add your cheerleaders name and grade.
  • If you have registration questions, you can reach out to us via email

2020 Early Registration is OPEN!

Hello Provo Youth Football Family,

Early registration for the 2020 football season is officially open starting Monday, February 24th.  Please review  registration dates below:

  • Early Registration open until March 30th.  $200
  • Regular Registration opens March 31st. $250
  • Late Registration starts July 15th. $275

Those who take advantage of early registration will get a $50 discount along with access to equipment early!  That's right, we will have a special equipment pick up date for early registrants on June 27th.  

Registration is open through SportsEngine this year.  We have provided a few payment options for you:

  • PAY ONLINE IN FULL: Submit total fees online the day you register.  
  • PAYMENT PLAN 1:  Fees are divided into 2 installments with the first installment of 33% to be collected online the day you register.  The remaining balance will be automatically debited from the SAME ACCOUNT on July 1st and Aug 1st.
  • PAYMENT PLAN 2:  Fees are divided into 5 installments with the first installment of 20% to be collected the day you register. The remaining balance will be automatically debited from the SAME ACCOUNT on May 1st. June 1st, July 1st and Aug 1st, 2020.
  • PAY WITH CHECK, CASH, VENMO: When you register, please use code 2020CCV to utilize the payment method.  If you choose check or cash, please email us to arrange payment.  If you choose Venmo, please send the payment to @ProvoYouth-Football.  In the notes, please add your players name and grade.

If you have registration questions please reach out to us via email at  You can also find us on the following platforms:

  • Facebook: Provo Youth Football
  • Instagram: @provoyouthfootball
  • Twitter: @provoyouthfb

End of Season Information

Provo Youth Football Family!

Some end of the season information for you. Please review and reach out with any questions!

Equipment Return is this Tuesday at 5:30 pm at the Provo High Football Stadium and goes until 6:30 pm.  Equipment (Helmet & Shoulder Pads) must be turned in at this time. Please note that a $150 replacement fee will be invoiced to anyone who does not return their items.  If you are not able to return your items on Tuesday, please reach out to us prior to the return date.  You can email us at or call Garrett Deucher at (801) 787-8427 to make arrangements for equipment return outside of Tuesday.

Registration for the new season will open early 2020, so be sure to follow us on social media, as we will announce dates there.  You can find us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Also, we are always looking for individuals who are interested in volunteering their time and services to Provo Youth Football.  If that is you and you would like to be apart of the 2020 season, please reach out to us at

Congratulations on an amazing season.  We have loved watching you work hard and support each other.  What a wonderful group of players, parents, coaches and committee members!  Thank you all!


Provo Youth Football

SWAG SHOP is Now Closed

**If you have placed your orders, we are working to get those to you asap.  If you missed the swag shop, please find us at the next Varsity Home Game!**

Our Swag Shop is officially open.  You will find t-shirts, hoodies, hats and visors available for sale.  We are excited about our selection of items and hope you all take advantage of them.  Keep in mind these designs usually only hang around for one season and then next year we will have all new stuff.  Here are some important dates:

  • The shop is open from 9/23/19 to 9/29/19.  One week only!
  • Items will be ordered on 9/30/19.
  • Items will be delivered as soon as received from the print shop.  Ideally prior to the varsity football game on 10/10/19.

**IMPORTANT**  In order to ensure that your order makes it to you in a timely manner, we need you to note the Player and Team Grade that this order should go to in the Company line:

All proceeds go towards the Provo Youth Football & Cheer programs.  We thank you all for your support. 

Link to shop:

Yard Sign Fundraiser

Back by popular demand is our Yard Sign Fundraiser.  Please download the information sheet below and best of luck!  A couple things to keep in mind:

  • We ask that each player sell 5 signs.
  • Signs are $20 each.
  • You will receive a packet at practice, that packet is due back by August 14th!
  • Once you sell your 5 signs, you will get a Provo decal.
  • The team that sells the most signs will get a pizza party.
  • The top selling player will get a prize!

GOOD LUCK and thank you for supporting your Provo Youth Football Bulldogs!

Weigh In's Information

Weigh In's will be located at Dick's Sporting Goods in American Fork.  Provo Youth Football is scheduled to weigh in on Tuesday, August 13th at 6:30 pm.

Please note that the team can not be weighed in until the entire team is present.  It is VERY important that you are on time.

Each player must be wearing at least a shirt and athletic shorts.  Also, each player will only have one chance to weigh in.

Here are the Weight Limits per grade:

  • 3rd Grade: 75 lbs
  • 4th Grade: 85 lbs
  • 5th Grade 105 lbs
  • 6th Grade: 120 lbs
  • 7th Grade: 135 lbs
  • 8th Grade: 165 lbs

Skills Camp 2019

Reminder that we have our free Skills Camp with Coach Joe Tuha and staff, coming up. Children in 3rd through 8th grades are invited to attend. Camp will be at the Provo High Practice Field, just north of the Provo High Football field at 1199 Lakeshore Dr in Provo.
• July 29th and July 30th
• 4 pm to 6 pm
• Bring your cleats, helmets and water bottles.

Please invite others to come & be a part of this wonderful event.

A registration table will be available to parents who still need to register their children for the 2019 Youth Football season. We will also have Provo Youth Football swag available for purchase! Lastly, for those still needing to pick up equipment, we will have helmets and pads ready to pick up at 6 pm. If you have any questions, please reach out.

Also, team coaches will be at skills camp with information on what to expect after Tuesday.

Equipment Handout

For those who are registered and paid, please plan on picking up equipment (helmets and pads) on July 25th and 26th.
If you haven’t had a chance to register or pay, we will have folks at equipment handout ready to help you!
July 25th, only 7th & 8th grade students can come to pick up their equipment. July 26th, all other grades are invited to come. Hours are 6PM to 8PM.
Pick up will be at the Haslem residence across the street from the Provo High Practice Fields. Watch for signs.
Please message us with any questions!

Provo Youth Football Thanks Sponsors

Tuesday, July 9th Provo Youth Football had the opportunity to attend the Provo City Council and publicly thank the local businesses who came together to support our program and recover what was lost.  President Garrett Deucher spoke to the City Council about the benefits that this program has for the children and community and what this donation meant to us.  It was great to meet the council and Mayor Kaufusi.  HUGE thanks you's to everyone involved!

Provo Youth Football Fundraiser

June 29th @ 5 PM - Provo High Practice Fields
Provo Youth Football is hosting a carnival to raise funds for this upcoming season!
It only costs $5 a wristband, which gets you access to the bounce houses, face painting, games, punt pass kick tournament and so much more!
There will also be a food court, so come hungry! Pulled pork & teriyaki chicken plates, fry bread, hamburgers and hot dogs! Sold separately.
You can also get your hands on Provo swag at our merchandise table; New Provo yard signs, flags, t-shirts and hats!
Lastly, we have a great raffle available with amazing items from Home Depot, Sweet Tooth Fairy, Platinum Studios, etc.
So spread the word, save the date and get super excited! Go Bulldogs!

Registration is OPEN starting March 1st!

Welcome to the 2019 Fall Football Registration!  YES registration is OPEN as of March 1st.  A couple of things to note:

  1. Before registering, please be prepared with your payment, insurance and player information.
  2. To register please click on the link above that says Register NOW.  NOTE: this is for this coming 2019 Fall Football Season.  This is not for Cheer or Sevens.
  3. Early registration is March 1st to April 15th.  If you register during this time, you will get a $40 discount.  After April 15th, cost for registration will be set to $250.

Please email us at with any questions.

In Person Registration Days

If you need assistance with registering, have questions, need to make a payment...and would like to do it in person, please come to one of the in person registrations below:

March 16th

10 am to 1 pm

Provo High School



April 6th

11 am to 2 pm

Provo High School


Provo Youth Football

Welcome to the Provo Youth Football webpage.  We are dedicated to the growth of the youth sports program in Provo, along with the growth of our athletes. 

Provo Youth Football


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